All We Want for Xmas is a Barge

Dear Santa,

We've been good, really we have. So we know you'll listen when we tell you that all we want for Xmas is a barge. Pictured are our barges, which are currently anchored on the south side of the island when they should be unloading on the north side. They've been stuck over there for days, waiting for a weather window to allow them to get to the pier, which has been getting slammed with wind and waves. All of the supplies for the resorts on Little Cayman come via the barge from Grand Cayman, which is supposed to come every week. But we've only had 3 barge deliveries since the beginning of November. Needless to say, the cupboards are getting a bit bare and some of our Xmas goodies for our holiday meals are, well, adrift at the moment. In fact, it got so desperate that the resorts went in together and chartered a plane that flew in a load of food today. But we really need the barge supplies as well. We're counting on you Santa...

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